01. Forge 04:13
02. La Vecinita 02:58
03. I Want You to Love Me the Best 03:05
04. COME 01:50
05. Blood Run Free 06:59
06. Wistful pt. I 01:06
07. Wistful pt. II 05:12

“Spending time inside of Johnny’s songs is like being inside the clockwork of some kind of ‘meaning machine.’ Johnny is our front-facing cursor in the moments. His songs are a plan of attack, an arrow pointing that way in the map of the universe. As he describes the interior of meaning in his lyrics, he gives us a bird’s eye view of these moments.”

– Adam Green

Blending 70s Lower East Side salon punk and desert island beachy vibes, ‚Forge‘ is the debut album from New York City’s ‚The Johns‘. Produced by Ben Fries and featuring Wah Together’s Phil Mossman, ‚Forge‘ is a swirling soundscape and lyrical labyrinth from the mind of frontman Johnny Dydo whose lapsed anti-folk songwriting garners comparisons to Lou Reed and David Berman of The Silver Jews.